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Episode 86: Coca Cola “Executive” Tully Blanchard

On this week’s STICK TO WRESTLING we talk about the 30th Anniversary of Clash of the Champions 10. This was a historic night where The course of the NWA was changed forever, as within two hours Sting gets tossed from the Horsemen, becomes the promotion’s unquestioned top babyface, and tears his ACL, putting him out for months. We discuss:

–The hosts think Ole Anderson’s promo where he fired Sting from the Horsemen and why it was magnificent. Tabe disagrees. –

-Brian Pillman gets a tag team partner…Tom Zenk. The Z-Man. WCW didn’t get it’s audience.

–Tully Blanchard was supposed to return on this night, but he didn’t. We tell you what happened.

–A bad Steve Williams vignette, a Soccer Moms idea of who and what “Dr. Death” was. Johnny Mac lays out how Doc should have been presented.

–We talk about the brilliant, semi-scripted interview where Ole Anderson kicks Sting out of the Four Horsemen. This was pro wrestling improv at it’s zenith.

–On this night, Mil Mascaras wrestled Cactus Jack, and for twenty years Mick Foley has been venting against Mascaras. All three of the guys on the show buck that conventional wisdom and side with Mascaras.

–The silliness of Cactus Jack getting into a fight with a drummer and not mopping the floor with him.

–The silliness of the finish a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” taking place off camera, in a bathroom.

–Terry Funk interviewing Lex Luger should have been good, right? Maybe wrestlers do need scripts.

Plus, John shares a story about hanging out with a wrestling friend on Old Orchard Beach checking his phone once an hour to see if he has bookings. This week only, give us 60 Seconds and maybe 59 more minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a RAWBONE podcast.

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Episode 75: Paul Ellering Was The Original Miss Elizabeth

Very recently the WWE Network released footage from the November 6, 1983 show held at The Omni arena in Atlanta. What’s old is truly new again as this was formerly unseen material! We analyze:

–The Brad Armstrong vs Joe Lightfoot opener.
–Ron Garvin defending the TV title against Jake Roberts.
–The Jimmy Valiant vs The Great Kabuki feud moving deeper into the south.
–Abdullah the Butcher vs the newly turned Buzz Sawyer in a bounty match.
–The Road Warriors defending the National Tag Titles against the odd team of Dusty Rhodes and Brett Sawyer.
–The main event of Ted Dibiase vs Tommy Rich, and how Ted Dibiase was a godsend to this promotion. The 11/6/83 version of Tommy Rich, not so much.

Plus we take shots at Paul Ellering and Ole Anderson, and we talk about the buildup and planned push of the Sawyer brothers. What are you waiting for?


Produced by Lou Kipilman

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network