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Episode 76: Masked Superstar and Austin Idol have the night of their life, no girls involved

It’s Thanksgiving Week, so Stick To Wrestling discusses the Thanksgiving Day shows from thirty and forty years ago! We discuss:

–The miracle of the Georgia tag team titles somehow being vacant before the annual tag team tournament so that they’d be at stake.
–Stan Hansen as a good guy? Unthinkable in the WWF area.
–Who did Big John Studd say he owed everything to?
–What was the greatest shoot remark ever made in a wrestling promo? We’ll fill you in.
–Handicap matches are dumb.
–Who was the Marty Jannetty of a 1979 tag team? We talk about it.
–What if the WWF used Bruno Sammartino to get younger wrestlers over toward the end of his career?
–What should the cash prize for battle royals have been?
–Tim “Mr. Wrestling” Woods gets a farewell tour.
–Draw 3,700 fans putting on a house show, or let your crew spend Thanksgiving with their families? You know how Vince McMahon is going choose.
Plus, what if Tully Blanchard had dedicated himself to being a top star in ECW?


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Episode 23: Viewer Mail

This week Johnny and Seanny answer questions from you, the listeners!

-What was the biggest riot each of us have ever witnessed?

-Who do we think is the best manager of all time?

-How would you guys have re-booked the WWF title situation in 1997 in order to avoid having to screw Bret Hart?

-Who would have managed Abdullah The Butcher, Kabuki, Pak Song, Nick Bockwinkel, Gino Hernandez, The Grappler, Killer Karl Kox, and Dick Murdoch in the WWF during the Bruno / Backlund eras?

-What was the biggest work in wrestling history?

And more!

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Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.