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Episode 59: Make A Million Dollars, Just Use The Z-Man Correctly

Stick To Wrestling’s Summer Series continues as John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by Randy Smith. We discuss the NWA’s Summer of 1989, with the main talking points being:

–Why Terry Funk couldn’t win anything but TV squashes before his big PPV bout vs Ric Flair.
–TV did not do the Great American Bash post match brawl with Flair and Sting vs Funk and Muta justice.
–Ricky Steamboat won’t sign that extension? No problem, just have Lex Luger feud with Tommy Rich. Puh-leeze.
–The Varsity Club- it ended too soon.
–The match between Ricky Steamboat and Lex Luger from July 22, 1989 is one of the most talked about non-televised, house show only matches ever. We tell you why.
–They pulled the plug on the talented Eddie Gilbert’s turn and left him without a role.
–The greatness that was the feud between James E. Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously.
–The Great Muta was aptly named.
–Mike Rotondo’s odd transition from a charmless bully to a happy sailor.
–McAdam thinks that if he were booking WCW, he would have made a million dollars with Tom Zenk. He really said that.

Plus, John talks about the special line somewhere between Philadelphia and Baltimore. What are you waiting for- DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

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Episode 50: Welcome To Viceland!

On this week’s WICKED GOOD Stick To Wrestling podcast Johnny and Seanny have Randy Smith as the guest. Randy has been a hardcore fan for 30 years and started reading the newsletters in the mid-80’s. He knows his wrestling, plus back in the day all of the crazy stuff happened in HIS hotel room.

This week we review the six part “Dark Side Of The Ring” series.

–Did the WWF unknowingly book Randy and Elizabeth’s divorce? Plus, don’t get Randy Savage mad at a Waffle House.

–Tony Atlas finally has a forum to talk about Bruiser Brody’s murder! We talk about how awful it must have been for Barbara Goodish, hearing the news in San Juan from Abdullah The Butcher, and having to get her husband’s remains home from a foreign land. Oh, and guess what match was on the first live card Johnny Mac ever saw?

–Was Bret Hart in on the Montreal screw job? Couldn’t the WWF have planned this any better? Who was the bad guy here, Bret or the WWF?

–Was it really a mistake bringing Lance Von Erich into World Class? Should Fritz Von Erich have overreacted so badly at the thought of The Magnificent Lance main eventing at Billy Bob’s?

–We talk about how Gino Hernandez’ Mom came across as a hero in his doc, and how everyone in the wrestling business did not. Plus, John shares some details that was left out of the documentary, and talks about a shocking story that the documentary confirmed.

–What picture was Viceland trying to paint with the Moolah doc? We’re not quite sure.

Plus, we acknowledge the 20th Anniversary of the death of Owen Hart, and share where we were when we learned it happened and our general thoughts on the tragedy, including how a bunch of petty nonsense got a husband and a father killed. What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.