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Episode 58: The Whole Reason I Came Here Was To Get Away From That F…

On this week’s STICK TO WRESTLING John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by Thomas Bane, and we discuss the WWF thirty years ago, in the Summer of 1989. We talk about:

— Zeus, who got three extremely high profile main events despite not even being a wrestler. The locker room was not happy about this.
— Dusty Rhodes, who debuted with the WWF and got over despite being given a terrible gimmick. The locker room was not happy with Dusty’s emergence.
— Terry Taylor, who did not get over with a terrible gimmick.
— Dino Bravo, who supposedly had Jacques and Raymond Rougeau looking over their shoulders. We’ll tell you why.
— Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard, who were all major stars as members of The Four Horsemen in the NWA a year earlier. None were major stars in the WWF.
— Roddy Piper, who returns to the WWF after being courted by the NWA.
— Andre The Giant, who could barely walk but was still wrestling full time.
— Tony Schiavone, who was not good in the WWF.
— Bad News Brown, who could have had a major run as a babyface.
— Jimmy Snuka, who returned to the WWF after a four year hiatus. This was a major shock and a potential liability, braddah.
Plus a pro wrestler scares poor ol’ Johnny Mac half to death in a bathroom. What are you waiting for?

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Episode 40: Where Is Moondog King? He Got Hit By A Car.

John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are once again joined by popular guest Scott Cornish! We’re back taking a deep dive into 1981 WWF, and we cover the following:

–A 1981 show held in Utica, NY, attended by Scott himself.
–A 1981 show at Holy Cross Stadium in Worcester, MA, attended by John, featuring one of the best matches he’s ever seen live.
–The joy of buying programs at the nightly events.
–The mystery of Moondog King disappearing and Moondog Spot taking his place.
–Pat Patterson’s career winding down.
–The fallout from Andre The Giant breaking his leg.
–Curt Hennig getting his start in WWF prelims in 1981.
–The legacy of Captain Lou Albano donning the tights and getting in the ring.
–We get sidetracked and start telling Dick Murdoch stories.
–Was Sgt. Slaughter 1981 Wrestler of the Year?
–Why the managers did not remain at ringside at Madison Square Garden.
–Gorilla Monsoon’s retirement and his one match comeback.
–S.D. Jones’ 1981 WWF return and push, along with his “freeze and blink” offense.

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Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.