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Episode 135: The WWF MVPs, Part Two

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined by Steve Generalli, a knowledgeable longtime WWF fan. In the second segment of a two part series, we talk about the Most Valuable Players of the Bob Backlund era, year by year. We cover:

–Captain Lou Albano, and how if managers qualified for the MVP he might have won it in 1982.

–Magnificent Muraco’s arrival in 1981, and how he looked like the next Superstar Billy Graham.

–Pedro Morales becoming the rock-solid number two babyace in the WWF.

–1983 feeling like reruns with tried and true stars like Sgt. Slaughter, Magnificent Muraco, The Samoans, and more coming back.

–Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito being absolute heat machines in the territory.

–How Greg Valentine’s return in 1981 looked like the end for Bob Backlund.

And more, plus Steve and I give you the top five on our WWF MVP ballot for 1981, 1982, and 1983, so what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO this wicked good bad boy!

Stick To Wrestling- give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a rawbone podcast.

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Episode 42: 1981 WWF, And That Goofy “Title Change”

Part Four of John McAdam and Sean Goodwin discussing 1981 WWF with our guest Steve Generalli! Covered in this discussion:

–Battle Royal Night in the WWF and why it stunk.
–Texas Death Matches also stunk in the old WWF.
–The impact of the Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito team in the WWF, and the overall tag team scene.
–How a match on a 1981 Madison Square Garden show had an Eddie Einhorn I.W.A. Connection.
–The Pedro Morales vs Magnificent Muraco feud and the history between the two.
–Yeah, Tony Atlas was really, really strong.
–Dusty Rhodes loved the nightlife, he got to boogie, on the disco ’round, oh yea.

And more. It’s a very cool discussion. Actually, it’s wicked cool! Every week give us sixty minutes and we’ll give you a formidable podcast – STICK TO WRESTLING!

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.

Episode 19: The Day Dusty Got a Signed Baseball From a Mexican Little League Team

Part Two of John McAdam and Sean Goodwin’s analysis of the 25 greatest angles in the history of Championship Wrestling from Florida, this time digging into the top ten. We also talk about the effect of Kevin Sullivan’s “cult” angle, Don Muraco’s ascent to stardom, the inherent craziness of Joe LeDuc, Paul Jones as Mr. Florida, Karl Kox as a constant entertainer, John being introduced to Jim Garvin’s character, wrestlers complaining about payoffs, the angle that launced Dusty Rhodes into superstardom. Which angle was Number One? Listen and find out!

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.