Episode 102: Surprise Party

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING John McAdam and Sean Goodwin talk about the events in wrestling that most surprised us. We’d list them here, but why ruin the surprise? Also in the discussion:

–The 1982 tournament for the NWA tag team titles and how Ole Anderson wanted to create a genuine world tag team title that was defended in all of the NWA territories.

–The WWF and Memphis exchanging talent in 1993.

–Buddy Rose’s 1983 babyface turn and the major flaw in it.

–Steve Austin in ECW, and his original WWF push.

–The similarities between Triple H and Honkytonk Man.

Plus, Johnny Mac does not stick to wrestling as he condemns the Major League Baseball owners for using the Covid -19 pandemic as a way to attempt to soak the players out of money while many fans take up for the wrong side, then he brags about his math grades in high school and college. What are you waiting for? Download and listen to this WICKED GOOD bad boy!

STICK TO WRESTLING: Give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll deliver a rawbone podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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