Episode 103: What Jayne Mansfield and Janis Joplin Have In Common

This week Stick To Wrestling is joined by Barry Rose, whose love and enthusiasm for all things Championship Wrestling from Florida is amazing. We talk about Barry:

–Being in attendance when Terry Funk won the NWA title from Jack Brisco.

–Running the Billy Robinson Fan Club.

–Doing a WILD shoot interview with Paul Jones.

–Witnessing Kevin Sullivan’s run as a satanic heel in Florida.

–Hearing about a dressing room brawl where the “Don’t mess with Nikolai Volkoff” lesson was learned.

Plus a whole lot more as Barry shares his wealth of knowledge about Championship Wrestling from Florida. You know what to do next- download and listen to this WICKED GOOD bad boy.

STICK TO WRESTLING…give us sixty minutes, and perhaps indeed we’ll give you a rawbone podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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