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Episode 80: Winning “Least Favorite Wrestler” In A Landslide

On this week’s Stick To Wrestling, John McAdam and Sean Goodwin review the year in wrestling review the year in wrestling that was 1994, using the Wrestling Observer newsletter and Pro Wrestling Illustrated year end award issues as a guide. We discuss:

–Sabu incredibly getting more Wrestler Of The Year votes in the Observer than any other North American star.
–Hulk Hogan wins PWI’s Wrestler of the Year award, and Johnny Mac explains why he, in hindsight, thinks he should have won the Observer’s as well.
–ECW was working it’s magic, getting fans to think that performers like Sabu, Public Enemy, and The Sandman were a lot more skilled than they were. ECW did a wonderful job hiding their individual and collective flaws, and we talk about it.
–Bob Backlund’s 1994 character. Was it any good?
–We re-live Public Enemy debuting- and flopping- on Monday Nitro.
–Art Barr won Best Heel, Best Tag Team with Eddie Guerrero, and was part of Feud of the Year in the Observer. Was the sky the limit for Barr?
Plus Johnny Mac expresses his undying distain for the “Hell Raisers” tag team of Road Warrior Hawk and Kensuke Sasake and then takes a shot at Ole Anderson’s booking.

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Episode 15: The Stick To Wrestling Listeners Demand Answers

John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are back for the most recent installment of the “Stick To Wrestling” podcast where we answer YOUR questions! What did ECW need to do to succeed nationally? What if Jim Crockett did not sell to Ted Turner? How on earth did a supercard with a lineup as weak as Wrestlemania I succeed? What if WCW won the war? Where are Brian Last’s pants? Not to guilt trip anyone, we would NEVER do that, but John and Sean missed the Browns vs Jets game to tackle (see what we did there?) these important questions!

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.

Episode 4: Can The Territories Ever Return?

John and Sean talk indy wrestling and what it would take to get a promotion running, the rise and fall of ECW and Smoky Mountain, John’s old UCW promotion, various promotional styles, and more.