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Episode 224: The Other Bi-Centennial Kings

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined again by popular returning guest Steve Generelli, and we field questions from the Stick To Wrestling Universe on the year 1976. On the slate:

–What if Bruno Sammartino was unable to return to the WWWF after his neck injury? Would the promotion have survived?
–What were our thoughts on the buildup to the Muhammad Ali v Antonio Inoki match, and the match itself?
–What are our thoughts on how was Terry Funk booked as NWA champion?
–How was Harley Race viewed in 1976 after his very brief run as NWA champion?
–Which promotion had the strongest roster?
–What might have happened with Johnny Valentine in 1976 had he not been disabled in a late 1975 plane crash?

Plus John and Steve do an “Extra Innings” segment where they talk baseball from the 1970’s, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this podcast today!

STICK TO WRESTLING: Give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a wicked good and rawboned podcast.

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Episode 21: Stan, please don’t kill Bruno for real. Thanks.

John McAdam and Sean Goodwin’s weekly discussion features analyzing three Madison Square Garden shows from early 1976. We dive not only into the details of the wrestlers and the matches but how the entire machine worked. We take a look at Stan Hansen being REALLY careless with Bruno Sammartino and what Bruno’s absence meant to the promotion. We discuss the 1976 Shea Stadium Show and it’s top matches, and we take a look at the Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki shoot. Plus there’s chess talk!

Stick To Wrestling with John McAdam & Sean Goodwin is a production of the Arcadian Vanguard Podcast Network.