Episode 87: The Junkyard Warriors

On this week’s Stick To Wrestling we have Part 2 of our talk with Chris Tabar about the historic Clash Of The Champions 10 special, where the Four Horseman turned on Sting, and later that night Sting legitimately tore his ACL. We discuss:

–In one night Sting became the focal point of the promotion, but was injured and out indefinitely. The promotion turned Lex Luger babyface. What SHOULD they have done?

–Let’s be honest…were The Horsemen really in the wrong here? There’s an argument that Sting was flagrantly breaking the rules of that club.

–In the mid-80’s the Road Warriors got over in part because they were so much bigger than everyone else. We observe that by 1990 everyone else was big, and that the Roadies were no longer special.

–We put forward the argument that once Ric Flair had been turned babyface in 1989, he should have never been turned heel again.

We also mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant, and talk about Tito Santana winning the Intercontinental Title in Boston, who should have gotten the “Superstar Billy Graham run” with the WWF title after Bob Backlund’s reign ended, Chris Adams’ career, and more. What are you waiting for, download and listen to this WICKED GOOD BAD BOY.

Stick To Wrestling- give us an hour and we will perhaps indeed give you a RAWBONE PODCAST.

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