Episode 88: Fannie Mae Titwiller

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are finally joined again by popular guest Beau James. We answer questions from our faithful listeners such as:

–Who was the biggest ***hole you ever encountered in wrestling.

–What valet could have had a bigger impact?

–Memories of the first wrestling shows we ever attended.

–If we could have every TV show from every promotion, which would we choose and why?

–What were Beau’s favorite Southeast Championship Wrestling angles?

–How could we make Bill Watts 1992 rule of no jumping off the top rope work?

–What is our favorite stipulation match?

Also, Beau shares some great road stories, tales of growing up in Appalacia Country, and even introduces us to the Melungeons. What are you waiting for, download and listen to this WICKED GOOD BAD BOY.

Stick To Wrestling- give us an hour and we will perhaps indeed give you a RAWBONE PODCAST.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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