Episode 242: Revisiting Larryland

There was so much more to discuss regarding the Bruno Sammartino vs Larry Zybysko feud after last week’s well recieved episode, so Steve and John discuss it! This week on STICK TO WRESTLING:

–Larry Zybysko never returned to the WWF after his 1980 run. Larry claims he was blackballed due to demanding more money at the Shea Stadium show, yet he remained booked in the WWF until the beginning of 1981. We break down what we think may have happened.
–Was Vince Sr. actually powerful enough to get Larry completely blackballed from the wrestling business?
–What was Larry Zybysko doing between the end of his 1980 WWF run and the beginning of his 1983 Georgia run?
–There was money to be made if Larry Zybysko returned to the WWF in 1982 or 1983. Couldn’t something have been worked out?
–The WWF seemed to be having more angles starting around this time. Was there a reason for that?
–Was what happened at the end of the Bruno vs Zybysko Shea Stadium match a hint of a new wrinkle in this storyline?

We don’t just discuss Larry Zybysko on this episode, but we do discuss a proposed WWF championship scenario that a WWF wrestler from this era discussed with Johnny Mac so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good podcast today!

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