Episode 211: Refreshments For The Less Fortunate

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined by popular returning guest Jammie Ward! We celebrate the 40th Anniversary of a supercard held in Atlanta, GA, featuring the last ever “unification match” between the NWA champion vs the WWF champion as Ric Flair takes on Bob Backlund. Some highlights from the episode:

—There’s audio and lots of it. We hear from Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, The Freebirds, Magnificent Muraco, Tommy Rich, Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen, Mr. Wrestling II, and more.

—We’re not 100 percent sure if this is actually a unification match based on the mixed signals we’re getting from the WTBS show. Doesn’t matter, we all knew by this point that unification matches did not ever have conclusive finishes.

—Dusty Rhodes loses 35 pounds in two months thanks to the diet and exercise regimens provided by none other than Kevin Sullivan!

—The Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, are back together and are feuding with the team of Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen and also with The Samoans.

—He couldn’t decide if he was Mr. X or Dr. X, but Magnificent Muraco was in Georgia looking like a million dollars.

—We do not approve of Bob Backlund’s 1982 fashion choices.

Plus Jammie shares a crazy Tommy Rich story and Dan Driessen’s name comes up, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good podcast today!

STICK TO WRESTLING: Give us sixty minute and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a wicked good and rawboned podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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