Episode 82: Culture Club

John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are once again joined by popular guest Jeff Bowdren as we continue to review the Wrestling Observer Awards from 1989. Who was the most obnoxous person in wrestling? Who did the best interviews? Who was the most charismatic? Who was the best brawler? Best flying wrestler? Most overrated (overpushed)? Most underrated (underpushed)? Best promotion? Best Television Show?

Also discussed:

–Who did the Observer culture hate more, Dusty Rhodes or the WWF?

–The NWA, and it’s political games.

–Did Gary Hart sabotage The Great Muta?

–Scotty The Body becomes The Raven.

–The WWF sabotaging a NWA PPV.

–Was 1989 a year where Jerry Lawler did something dumb?

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Produced by Lou Kipilman

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