Episode 66: The Day I Had To Bury My Dog

This week Stick To Wrestling is co-hosted by John McAdam and David Bixenspan as we continue STW’s Summer Series (Summer doesn’t end until September 20th, kids), and this is Part Two of our discussion of The Summer of 1984 in wrestling where we cover the following promotions and what was going on in them:

MID-SOUTH: Junkyard Dog jumps to the WWF and gets a brutal burial on television by Bill Watts.

FLORIDA: Dusty Rhodes exits and takes some friends with him but not before one last grandstand, pinning Ric Flair at the Lords Of The Ring in the Orange Bowl.

AWA: Rick Martel wins AWA title in May, mostly defending vs Nick Bockwinkel. Crusher & Baron Von Rashke win tag titles in May, Road Warriors come in and win them in August. The final days of the Bobby Heenan era.

GEORGIA: Nuked by Black Saturday, but still in the game with the Ted Dibiase vs Ron Garvin feud on top. They were using guys like Ole Anderson, Brad Armstrong, and Bob Roop in main events.

MEMPHIS: The New Fabulous Ones are here, but the Original Fabs are back as well. That’s OK, Eddie Gilbert would soon turn.

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