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Episode 158: Muraco Becomes A Superstar

This week STICK TO WRESTLING features a popular returning guest, The King of Baltimore himself, John Fell! We discuss two important shows that occurred on the weekend of June 20 and Jun 21, 1981 and we commemorate the 40th anniversary of:

–Dusty Rhodes winning the NWA title for a second time.

–Magnificent Muraco winning the Intercontinental championship.

–Ken Patera winning the Georgia championship.

Plus we talk Harley Race, Bob Backlund, Sgt. Slaughter, Terry Gordy, Bruiser Brody, Ted Dibiase, Jimmy Snuka, The Andersons, Pat Patterson, Pedro Morales, Blackjack Mulligan, Butch Reed, Curt Hennig, George Steele, Mike Graham, Tommy Rich, Angelo Mosca, The Moondogs and more, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good bad boy!

Stick To Wrestling- give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a rawbone podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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