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Episode 196: …And The Attitude Era Is Born

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined by Jake “The Valentine” Hamar! It’s Wrestlemania Month here at STW as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania 13, the event that sealed Stone Cold Steve Austin ascention into superstardom. We discuss:

–Every year, there’s Match of the Year. Was Bret Hart vs Steve Austin Match of the Forever?

–Rocky sucked, but The Rock was great.

–Was The Undertaker vs Sid the worst Wrestlemania main event to date?

–The WWF could not ever turn Bret Hart heel…ever…or could they?

–Was there going to be a resurgence of the Road Warriors, or by this time were they just a 1980’s nostalgia act?

–Speaking of the 80’s, why did Bob Backlund, Rocky Johnson, Iron Sheik, and others from that era get so much camera time here?

Lots of bonus content this week, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good bad boy!

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Episode 57: Good Thing Sean Opened The Box Early

Put something in front of John McAdam and Sean Goodwin and they will have an interesting conversation about it. On this show we each open a box sent to us by the fine folks at www.HotBoxCards.net and talk about what’s in there. Topics discussed:

–John meets Dory Funk Jr and his lovely wife Marti.

–He’s always meeting people! The story of John meeting Dutch Mantel at Gordon Scozzari’s ill fated Lowell, MA taping.

–In what way should JCP have used ECW’s model?

–In 1986, Tully Blanchard was the Michael Jordan of being a pro wrestling heel.

–Why he got the nickname “Softball Sid Eudy”.

–Guess who popped big(ger) crowds for his early 1991 run vs Ric Flair?

–Tatanka gets a big push. Outback Jack gets a big push. Let’s not let Vince McMahon go to the movies or watch them on cable any more.

–The top five wrestlers of the 80’s? That question is no longer unanswered.

–Pushing smaller wrestlers at the top of the card.

–Who is the hottest woman in wrestling history?

Plus Johnny Mac finds a CD he’s been searching out for years and he gets a very odd surprise. What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

STICK TO WRESTLING! Give us sixty minutes and we’ll give you a WICKED GOOD podcast!

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