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Episode 11: No Pinning Tony Garea In Utica!

Johnny Mac’s co-pilot Sean was unavailable this week, but longtime WWWF fan Scott Cornish was here for the rescue. What if the WWWF agreed to keep the title on Superstar Billy Graham, and for how long? What if the WWWF turned Superstar babyface after his rematches vs Bob Backlund? What if Superstar Billy Graham wasn’t available to take over for Bruno? Who, then? Who were Superstar Billy Graham’s missing challengers? Who were Bob Backlund’s missing challengers? And then the big one: what if Bruno Sammartino was willing to hold the WWWF title indefinitely? Check out this week’s Stick To Wrestling podcast, andJohn & Scott will give you definitive answers (also known as guesses).

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