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Episode 261: Five Years Of Stick To Wrestling

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING we celebrate the podcast’s fifth anniversary with popular guest Brad Breitzman, as we discuss what was happening in the AWA 40 years ago in the year of 1983! On this week’s podcast:

–What was the fallout of the AWA’s Super Sunday show, where the Hulk Hogan vs Nick Bockwinkel match ended with the Dusty Finish.
–Did Verne Gagne really offer the AWA title toHulk Hogan at this show?
–Was Greg Gagne only a successful pro wrestler because his Dad was a promoter?
–What was the impact of Hulk Hogan and Gene Okerlund leaving this promotion?
–Who besides Hulk Hogan and Nick Bockwinkel could the AWA used as their champion in 1983?
–How did Ken Patera and Crusher Jerry Blackwell end up being “sheiks”?

Plus we pay tribute to the late Iron Sheik, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good podcast today!

STICK TO WRESTLING…give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a rawbone wrestling podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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