Episode 169: You’re Not Gonna Turn On Me, Are You?

Popular guest Christian Boddie returns to Stick To Wrestling and we thave Part Two of our discussion about our favorite Summer in wrestling which happened thirty five years ago: 1986. Discussed on this week’s episode:

–Paul Orndorff turning on Hulk Hogan may have been obvious and an overly simplistic story, but their feud drew spectacularly.

–The AWA and World Class Championship Wrestling came into 1986 still looking and feeling like major league promotions. By the middle of this Summer they did not.

–Roddy Piper finally turns babyface and of course, is immediately in main events.

–The UWF putting on great television. The Freebirds and Eddie Gilbert’s crew are the lead heels while Hacksaw Duggan, Ted Dibiase, Steve Williams, and Terry Taylor are the top babyfaces. Bill Watts comes out of retirement and makes things even more interesting

–Championship Wrestling from Florida continues to spiral despite having the mega-talented Barry Windham and the promising Lex Luger in the promotion.

–The suspended Andre The Giant returns to the WWF…in disguise, as the Giant Machine.

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