Episode 68: Sittin’ By The Campfire With Ric

This week the STICK TO WRESTLING podcast has Tyler Judd as the guest. Tyler grew up in rural Virginia and he speaks with first hand expertise of what was going on in the Mid-Atlantic promotion during the Fall of 1984! The times they were a changing for this promotion in 1984, and we get into the details of:

–Dusty Rhodes becoming the new face of the promotion.
–Wahoo’s turn and subsequent run as a babyface. Boy oh boy, Tully Blanchard was a bad influence on that guy.
–We tell you who walked out despite having a major babyface push planned for him.
–What was the plan for Barry Windham in JCP during this time? We tell you.
–What was it like seeing such a huge transition, with Mid-Atlantic losing guys like Greg Valentine, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, The Briscos, Bob Orton Jr, etc?
–We talk about an absolutely bizarre and hilarious skit featuring Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan.
–Mike Rotondo was born ten to fifteen years too late.
–What should the main event of Starrcade ’84 have been?
–Now that Dusty’s here, everyone’s gotta be a cowboy.
–Don Kernodle and his strange 1982 – 1984 odyssey.

Plus, Sean Goodwin shares a brilliant observation about Starrcade ’84 that’s never been discussed before (We know ALL of the discussions. Trust us).

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