Episode 14: Buddy Landel Did Not Need To Travel To Hawaii To Hang Ten

John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are back for the final installment of the “Stick To Wrestling” three part series featuring all things 1985 World Championship Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, and Georgia Championship Wrestling.

We dive deep into Starrcade ’85 and the big angles that led up to it including the historic angle where Flair shows a lack of gratitude by turning on Dusty right after Rhodes saves Ric from the Koloffs (of course McAdam sides with Flair here).

There’s are also debates on whether they turned the right wrestler for Starrcade, and whether or not the title should have legitimately changed hands that night. Plus there’s a brief aside on Kerry Von Erich and wrestling memorabilia. Wrestling is stuck to us, so we STICK TO WRESTLING!

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