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Episode 60: When Your Spirit Exits Your Physical Body At The Royal Rumble

Stick To Wrestling’s Summer Series continues as John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by Max Levy, aka Tamalie! We discuss pro wrestling’s Summer of 1994, with the main talking points being:

–The Gangstas arrive in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and get a “peace offering” from a certain Stick To Wrestling host.

–The Heavenly Bodies v Thrillseekers match at Night of Legends, one of the bloodiest bouts ever and how what happened that morning completely de-railed The Thrillseekers push.

–The next night in Johnson City where Ricky Morton’s hair was on the line against Tammy Fytch’s. We talk about how the crowd reacted to the screwjob.

–Speaking of screwjobs, how about that NWA title tournament that was held at the ECW arena? We talk about how the NWA title had already outlived it’s usefulness 25 years ago but don’t worry, it’s still around today.

–The unthinkable happens as Hulk Hogan becomes the face of WCW and it’s world champion.

–We have wrestling’s first national brother vs brother feud as Bret Hart and Owen Hart go at it.

–The pure insanity of the storyline that surrounded The Undertaker proves that no, THAT guy didn’t kill pro wrestling. 

Plus John talks about eleven grueling days on the road as part of Smoky Mountain Fan Week in the Summer of 1994. What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

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