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Episode 275: In The Chase?

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING we discuss a number of subjects, including:

–The passings of Terry Funk, Brett Sawyer, and Sheik Adnan / Billy WhiteWolf.
–SummerSlam ’93. Is the money really always in the chase?
–Was Ultimate Warrior vs HonkyTonk Man at SummerSlam ’88 the best match under sixty seconds in wrestling history?
–Bad announcers. Pro Wrestling sure had a lot of those.
–Why couldn’t the NWA / WCW see what so many people saw in Rodney Anoai, aka Yokozuna?
–The WWF blew it with the Heavenly Bodies.

Plus Jim Valley makes a cameo appearance while he’s at a flea market, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good podcast today!

STICK TO WRESTLING…give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a rawbone wrestling podcast!

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