Episode 179: A Very Poor Investment

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined by popular guest host Steve Crawford as we discuss Starrcade ’86, which happened 35 years ago this month. We discuss:

–Dusty Rhodes is in his 40’s, but he adopts the hairstyle of college football sensation Brian Bosworth. The Boz had twenty years on Dusty, so that’s not a good choice.

–Speaking of hair, not having any made you a “bald headed geek” in 1986. How times change.

–The Four Horsemen, as a unit, threaten to boycott Starrcade unless Tully Blanchard gets the match he wants against Dusty Rhodes.

–Brad Armstrong, Tim Horner, and Don Kernodle: good workers, but what can a promotion really do with them?

–Nelson Royal sits in front of a campfire and explains what a Bunkhouse Stampede is.

–Dutch Mantel and Bobby Jaggers bought some expensive looking gear for their Kansas Jayhawks gimmick, which lasted about six months and they never got pushed. Whoops.

Plus Steve guesses how many of these matches involved blood and Johnny Mac goes on an anti-Peacock rant, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good bad boy!

Stick To Wrestling- give us sixty minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a wicked good and rawboned podcast.

Produced by Lou Kipilman

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