Episode 64: We’re So Sorry, Uncle Delbert

This week on Stick To Wrestling, our Summer Series continues as John McAdam and Sean Goodwin talk about the NWA’s 1986 Great American Bash Tour!  We discuss:

–The wisdom of booking the tour in football stadiums.
–Country music, and the fans’ reaction to it.
–Did the NWA have too many championships?
–How incredibly OVER the Rock & Roll Express were…for now.
–Road Warrior Hawk as a singles wrester challenging Ric Flair.
–The Magnum T.A. vs Nikita feud, and the “Best Of Seven Series” for the U.S. title.
–How we would have booked the tour and subsequently, Starrcade ’86.
And more, plus there’s a story about Johnny Mac getting attacked by cockroaches at the old Riverfront Stadium. What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

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