Episode 30: The End Of An Era

This week on Stick To Wrestling John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by noted wrestling humorist Scott Cornish, who was a WWWF fan from the start of the Bob Backlund until the end.

We discuss:

–Why did Bob Backlund lose the title to Iron Sheik? This is the big one, we discuss the details.
–How would we have booked Bob Backlund’s title loss?
–Bob Backlund winning the WWF title in 1978.
–Iron Sheik WON THE WWF TITLE? We give our reactions.
–The 1981 Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine series, what we expected to see from it, and the completely weird finish to their October 1981 match at Madison Square Garden where the title was held up.
–The decline of Bob Backlund, starting in late 1982.
–How Hulk Hogan was introduced and immediately put in the position as WWF champion.
–What a one man tidal wave Hulk Hogan was and how the WWF transitioned from a regional company to a national powerhouse. –What did Arnold Skoaland ever do?
–If Backlund’s WWF title reign was a slice of watermelon, Sean Goodwin got stuck with the rind at the end.
–Bob Backlund as WWF champion was Al Pacino in The Godfather. Yes he was.
— Gonna be a Man In Motion, y’all.
–All of this plus Johnny Mac driving a car from Orlando, FL to Nashua, NH in 1981, St. Elmo’s Fire, John’s annual violation of Vermont’s driving laws, and what he was doing as a sixteen year old at 4:00 AM on October 21, 1981, all wrestling related because we STICK TO WRESTLING!

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