Episode 27: Joe Leduc Goes To The Hardware Store And Buys An Axe

Sean Goodwin is back, and this week he and John McAdam are joined by wrestling historian Beau James in the guest seat. We spend the entire sixty minutes discussing the history of Southeastern Championship Wrestling! (Which is like spending sixty minutes telling the story of World War II, but we did our best). We have bulletpoints!

–How Whitey Caldwell’s death had a deep, long term impact on the area and how incredibly big that story was in the area.

–Ronnie Garvin pins Andre The Giant. Somehow the tape disappears right before a mega-historic event. This was an eye-popping story.

–What a huge star Bob Armstrong was in Southeast.

–The story about how The Mongolian Stomper legitimately almost killed Joe LeDuc on television, and the incredible aftermath.

–An INSANE story about Joe LeDuc pulling th

–How Bob Roop was the Typhoid Mary of this area.

–Details of the roller coaster ride the area went through during the 1980’s.

Beau’s perspective, knowledge and attention to details and facts here are nothing short of amazing. Make sure you up your information game by listening closely to this show.

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