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Episode 62: Stop Your Sobbing

On this week’s Stick To Wrestling podcast we continue our Summer Series as we take a look at the Summer of 1979 in the WWF as John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by fellow old school WWF fanatic Randy Barrier. On the table this week:

–Pat Patterson wins the North American title, and then “wins” the Intercontinental Title.

–Swede Hanson gets a main event in Madison Square Garden, Pat Patterson gets an unprecedented four match series against Bob Backlund, and Roddy Piper gets the shaft. John shares his theory of how Hanson got that spot.

–“Millions Sob As Volkoff Attacks Bruno”. That really was on the cover of “The Wrestler” magazine after Volkoff did exactly that in the Summer of 1979.

–The Greg Valentine vs Chief Jay Strongbow feud, which started with Strongbow writhing in agony with a broken leg at ringside while the matches went on as scheduled with the heels taunting him.

–The Valiant Brothers main evented Madison Square Garden in 1974 and 1975, then finally returned in 1979…but things just weren’t the same. What went wrong?

Plus, Randy provides a firsthand account of Jimmy Valiant turning on Chief Jay Strongbow in 1971.

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