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Episode 89: Just Say “No” To That Gimmick

This week on Stick To Wrestling we finish up our conversation with Beau James, who shares both wrestling and life experiences growing up and living in Greater Appalachia.

Then we welcome Bob Parsons to the pod! Bob has been a wrestling fan since the 1960’s and he shares tremendous insight on the history of the AWA, Central States, Los Angeles, and more!

We take readers questions, we tackle Terry Taylor’s claims of why he had a strained relationship with Dusty Rhodes, and we even save the AWA!

Plus, Johnny Mac talks about having to take a leak while stuck in a car on a wrestling trip, and how that went sideways. What more could one ask for? DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO THIS WICKED GOOD BAD BOY!

Stick To Wrestling; give us sixty minutes and we will perhaps indeed give you, a rawbone podcast!

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