Episode 290: How Did We Get Here?

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING we begin our discussion of the WWF’s national expansion that began in earnest forty years ago and we discuss what led to all of the big changes, including:

–The territories were going to go away at some point as a result of the growth of cable television. It was inevitable.
–John McAdam and Steve Generelli share how they learned of Bob Backlund losing the WWF title and their reactions to the news.
–Back in 1983 most wrestling promotions could only dream of drawing a $100,000 gate, but it was routine in the WWF.
|–The WWF gains it’s first real national television outlet by persuading USA Network to have their show replace Southwest Championship Wrestling, and how All American Wrestling eveolved as time went by.
–In 1983 the WWF was already making inroads that led to them having shows in Ohio and Michigan, directly competing with Ole Anderson’s World Championship Wrestling. It wouldn’t end there.
–The WWF has created it’s own magazine, and has banned photographers from other magazines from ringside. Those magazines, particularly the “Apter Mags” were not pleased.

Plus Johnny Mac talks about the biggest 80’s wrestling star he’d never seen live, so what are you waiting for? Listen to this wicked good episode!

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