Episode 287: A Weird Marilyn Monroe Analogy

This week STICK TO WRESTLING is joined by popular returning guest Steve Crawford, and we take questions from our listeners! On this week’s show:

–Has Dave Meltzer’s coverage of AEW hurt his credibility?
–If you listen to this episode, you will learn what was in the photos that Baby Doll was going to blackmail Dusty Rhodes with.
–What could have been the fallout from the controversial Steve Austin / Brian Pillman home invasion angle?
–Would Smoky Mountain Wrestling have done better had it been based in the Carolinas?
–Why was former WWWF champion Stan Stasiak wrestling near the bottom of WWWF shows in the late 70’s?
–What do we remember about the AWA’s Superclash 3?

Plus Johnny Mac shares an amusing anecdote about an annoying tape customer, so what are you waiting for? Listen to this episode for a wicked good time!

STICK TO WRESTLING, give us 60 minutes and perhaps indeed, we’ll give you a rawboned wrestling podcast.

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