Episode 69: The Wrestling Genie

For the entire month of October, Stick To Wrestling will be taking questions from our listeners! This week John McAdam and Sean Goodwin are joined by Breaking Kayfabe’s Barry Rose and we discuss:

–Who never won the NWA title but would have had a good run with it?
–What if Ricky Steamboat had stayed in the NWA instead of heading to the WWF?
–Which New Japan or All Japan wrestler could have made it big the United States?
–What makes a good referee and who were the best refs?
–Who should have made the jump to the WWF when they expanded nationally but didn’t?
–Should Sting have won the NWA title at the first Clash of the Champions?
–Who would have been a better booker for Georgia in 1983?
–What 90’s wrestlers would have made the best NWA champions?

And more! Plus we get asked what we would choose if a genie granted us each three wrestling wishes. Sean plays it straight, while naturally John and Barry take a fast ride down Pervert Lane.

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