Episode 43: 1981 WWF Meets The Man In The High Castle

This show was a bit of a departure for us, where John and Sean welcome Jammie Ward back as our guest, and we discuss two entirely different subjects: Wrestlemania, and 1981 WWF. On the table:

-How last year’s Wrestlemania gave poor John PTSD.
-What the first Wrestlemania in 1985 was like for all of us.
-The letdown that was Wrestlemania 2.
-There were two big problems with Johnny Mac’s girlfriend watching Wrestlemania 3 with he and his friends. –Jammie’s memories of attending Wrestlemanias Iv and V live.
-Toronto fans are a different breed, Chicago fans are a pain in the ass.
-An alternative universe where Magnificent Muraco wins the WWF title in 1983.
-Seanny expresses joy over the greatness of 1981 Don Muraco.
-Buddy Rose: All-time great worker.
-Jammie’s reaction to the 1981 Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine match where the WWF title was held up.

And more. It’s a very cool discussion. Actually, it’s wicked cool! Every week give us sixty minutes and we’ll give you a monumental podcast – STICK TO WRESTLING!

Plus there are TWO separate “This Is Spinal Tap” references! What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

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