Episode 115: Gambling On Kerry

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING we’re joined by Shawn Heimberger as we take questions from our listeners! We answer:

–What if Tully & Arn do not leave The NWA in 1988?

–What if Dynamite Kid doesn’t demand that the British Bulldogs drop the belts to the Hart Foundation instead of Sheik and Volkoff? Does Bret’s career ever take off?

–What if Ted DiBiase was given the NWA Title in 1981 instead of Ric Flair?

–What if Bill Watts gets the WTBS time slot instead of Jim Crockett?

–What if Ric Flair leaves for the WWF in 1988?

–What happens if Jerry Jarrett buys the AWA?

–What if Hulk Hogan stays in Hollywood after Rocky3? Who is the man in the WWF?

–What if Austin Idol takes the Hogan spot in ‘83 in WWF?

–What were Bruno’s top three feuds?

Plus Shawn schools Johnny Mac on Roberto Duran, so what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO this wicked good bad boy!

Stick To Wrestling- give us sixty minutes and perhaps, indeed, we will give you a rawbone podcast!

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