Episode 47: Sorry Vince, But We’re Kind Of Tired

On this week’s Stick To Wrestling John and Sean are joined by David Bixenspan, Deadspin’s Wrestling journalist and a guy who knows his wrestling.

This episode is a crowd favorite – a mailbag show! We took listener questions from the Stick To Wrestling Facebook group and we discussed the following:

–What does JCP and the NWA’s future look like if Ric Flair never comes back from the plan crash?

–What if David Von Erich had never passed away? Plus Bix somewhat refutes that decades old story that David’s death was from an overdose.

–If Bob Backlund had not accepted a run as WWWF champion in 1978, who were the other candidates? We’ve asked this question before but we have some new answers.

–What if a Southern wrestling promotion gotten on national cable? Could it have worked?

–Tommy Rich in the WWF. Would him having a run there would have worked with Tommy as a babyface? As a heel? Did Johnny Mac really say he could have had a Hogan-type run there in the early 80’s?

–What if The Freebirds had never left the WWF in 1984?

–What if the WWF had a weekly show on MTV? And much, much, more. It’s a very cool discussion. No…it’s wicked cool! Every week give us sixty minutes and we’ll give you what Wally Cleaver would call a “swell” podcast – STICK TO WRESTLING!

Plus John’ openly mocks Dollar Shave Club! What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

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