Episode 32: So Was The Legacy Tarnished, Or What?

We like this show! Sean and I just take random questions from our listeners. These are always among the best episodes of STICK TO WRESTLING!

–Johnny Mac talks about his 90’s AOL wrestling relationship with AEW Kingpin Tony “Don’t Call Me Killer or Madeline” Khan, who gets an open invite to Stick To Wrestling.

–What was Saturday wrestling like back in the day? Can it ever come back?

–Portland Wresting memories, comparing the Portland and Memphis territories.

–Did the stupid stuff the AWA did near it’s end tarnish it’s legacy?

–What was it like seeing Randy Savage for the first time?

–What was up with Bill Dundee going on TV and talking about “losing that fight”?

–What’s the best available Boston wrestling you should watch?

–If Vince doesn’t buy Georgia Championship Wrestling, what happens to the Georgia territory?

–Pro Wrestling USA…huh?

–When was peak Gordon Solie?

–What if Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express actually jumped to the WWF?

–What is the worst match you ever saw?

–What does the NWA title history look like if Ric Flair can’t return from the injuries in sustained in a plane crash?

–And finally, how Johnny Mac became a rabid Tennessee Vols fan.

It’s a very cool discussion. Actually, it’s wicked cool! Every week give us sixty minutes and we’ll give you a bitchin’ podcast – STICK TO WRESTLING!

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