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Episode 139: There Is Such A Thing As A Bad Terry Funk Match

This week on STICK TO WRESTLING, we have Part Two of our discussion of the 30th Anniversary of the Dixie Dynamite Clash of the Champions special, featuring the first Ric Flair vs Scott Stiener match, as well as more general discussion. We discuss:

–The disappointing Ric Flair vs Scott Stiener match, and Scott’s allegation that Flair “sandbagged” him.

–Scott Stiener’s fictional accomplishments as an amateur wrestler at Michigan versus his actual wrestling accomplishments- the actual accomplishments may have been more impressive.

–Dusty Rhodes’ role as an announcer on the show.

–How would we have re-booked this event?

–Jayce asks John to sell him on Bob Backlund.

–An awesome Memphis storyline that was scheduled to happen but fell through.

Plus there’s a Great Wojo reference, so what are you waiting for? Download and listen to this wicked good bad boy!

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Episode 53: Tamalie!

This week John and Sean are joined by wrestling message board legend Max Levy, who is simply known as “Tamalie” in most places. Tamalie’s wealth of information is made apparent in this episode where we discuss:

–The WWE Supershow where The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg take turns trying to kill one another, and the overall negative effect of having old wrestlers portrayed as the “real” stars.

–Buzz Sawyer would now be sixty years old, and we share our thoughts on one of the craziest characters ever.

–Jimmy Garvin as a Freebird. –Scott Hall’s run in the NWA in 1989.

–Ricky Steamboat: Flawed Babyface.

–Listed all, y’all- The Midnight Express were sabotaged.

–Scott Stiener in 1989: The next big thing?

–The Ding Dongs. The kids will love ’em!

Plus many more thoughts on the NWA in 1989. What are you waiting for, DOWNLOAD THIS BAD BOY!

Disclaimer: We don’t know if it was Johnny Mac’s Wifi or if it was a Skype issue, but there were some audio issues with this episode. This is the downside of recording close to deadline!

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