Episode 74: Nat Loubet says you can leave The Ring magazines laying around

This week John McAdam and Sean Goodwin review the February 1982 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated!

–Was Bob Backlund’s WWF title actually saved by the referees?
–Ken Patera, Man on the Run…FROM HIMSELF.
–We talk about “The Hotseat”, a regular interview feature in the Apter Mags.
–How the magazines had to cover their tracks after Mr. Wrestling II’s scheduled but aborted turn.
–We discuss how the Apter Magazines and the promotions worked to a mutual benefit.
–Steve Farhood analyzes Dusty Rhodes’ emotional state by the food he orders in a restaurant.
–Did Vince McMahon ever making overtures toward hiring Bill Apter?
–We talk about Dan Shocket’s heel turn.
–In the 70’s Bruno Sammartino and Mil Mascaras were frequently on the cover of the magazines, and we discuss why.
–The NWA discusses the “lax violation of it’s rules”.
–Masked Superstar, SUSPENDED!
–Which of the Apter Mag writers were real, and which were fictional?
–And then there’s the advertisements in these magazines. Hoo boy. Plus Johnny Mac discusses his sordid history as a youngster with fake Ids.

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