Episode 67: 19009099900 – These Digits Were Burned Into Our Brains

Sean Goodwin makes his triumphant return to Stick To Wrestling, and he and John McAdam are joined by Brandon Rice! Our discussion this week centers around the NWA’s September 12, 1989 Clash Of The Champions event that aired live on WTBS!

-Everything Terry Funk said was true- he almost lost his arm due to an infection..
-What was the long term plan for The Great Muta?
-Muta taking THREE losses at Starrcade ’89? Why?
-Why the plastic bag angle should never have happened.
-We give Tommy Rich tons of credit for his performance in match vs Lex Luger- he deserves it. We also question why he was given this spot.
-Lex Luger is peaking. Ah, what could have been with competent booking.
-Cornette was firehosing Rotondo’s credentials.
-What Johnny Mac would have done with Dr. Death, Steve Williams. – The sky was limit for Brian Pillman, and Ric Flair sees it.
-The Freebirds have their final great match.
-How can there be a bad and boring segment with a 24 year old Missy Hyatt and a 25 year old Nancy Sullivan be boring and awful? Let the NWA show you.
-Scott Stiener…he’s the #1 pick in the draft at this point. Unpolished but the high ceiling is clearly there.
-And of course, the NWA Hotline. PLUS Sean sees a weird in-ring thing have never seen before!

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