Episode 52: Bill Watts Had A Strong Pimp Hand


It’s the 52nd episode of the only WICKED GOOD podcast out there, Stick To Wrestling. We celebrate by delivering a special two hour podcast, one hour where we stick to wrestling followed by one where where we totally do not! Our guest for the first hour is none other than a fellow Arcadian Vanguarder, the legendary Jeff Bowdren! We discuss the following topics:

–What tag team wrestler would have been a better singles wrestler?

–Who would have been the best heel in the 80s to work a program with Jerry Lawler, but was never booked in Memphis?

–Should Bill Watts have made a move sooner when he had the TBS timeslot in 1985?

–If Hogan doesn’t get the role in “Rocky 3”, does he remain in WWF as a heel?

–Inspired by Andy Ruiz’s upset: Who was the best worker despite not having the best look or physique?

–What tape / match / footage is the “crown jewel” of your collections?

And more!

Then there’s an hour of open frivolity, including but not limited to Johnny Mac talking about the unchaperoned New Years Eve party he tried to organize as an eighth grader.

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